About the SDG6 Market Network (prototype)

Solving trillion dollar problems is not achievable by any one entity in isolation. As such, the opportunity is for all citizens, across all sectors, engaging in any behaviour that contributes to measurable and often monetisable beneficial outcomes, to:

  • Participate in the funding, design and deployment of core infrastructure.
  • Connect their current digital systems to backbone systems such that the value they already hold may be more effectively mobilised, and compensated.
  • Be appropriately compensated for the value they create

The approach we propose to solving the wicked problems described by the SDGs employs contemporary innovations in finance, technology and the law, and is called a Market Network. This approach is described in detail at trillions.global.

Sphaera has partnered with a number of funds, foundations, impact investment networks, innovation challenges, and professional networks to develop a simple prototype of this approach, incorporating data from multiple disparate sources into a single, coherent view.

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